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Risk Management

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The Ridge Insurance Solutions Risk Management process begins with an informed client assessment that details actual risks and vulnerabilities, and provides consultation on breach prevention. This is not just a "check the box" process.

Our comprehensive services can be divided into three components that enable organizations to meet the today’s security challenges head-on:

  • An initial on-site assessment of existing cybersecurity capabilities is conducted by the Ridge assessment team to expose any potential system vulnerabilities and provide recommendations to reduce cyber exposures. Compliance with the recommendations will directly affect the premiums charged for the insurance component of the solution.
  • A comprehensive cyber privacy and network protection insurance policy provides the central component of the solution. Spanning a broad spectrum of coverage types, the policy includes: business interruption coverage; privacy and security liability; crisis and ‘event’ management costs; information assets and cyber extortion. The policy provides coverage on a worldwide basis with a capacity limit of US$50 million.
  • The final component provides remediation services in the event of a cyber breach. Capitalizing on the extensive cyber remediation capabilities of key strategic partners, the solution will deliver a rapid and robust response to any form of cyber intrusion, quickly isolating the intruder, shoring up the breach and limiting the business impact.