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Policy Benefits

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  • Business Income Loss Coverage Up to $50 million/$50 million
    • Dependent Business Income Loss Coverage Included, subject to $5 million sub-limit
    • Digital Asset Restoration Costs Included
    • Cyber Extortion Threat Coverage Included
  • Privacy Liability Coverage Up to $50 million/$50 million
    • Privacy Regulation Claims Coverage Included
    • Security Breach Response Coverage Included
    • Security Liability Included
    • Multi-media Liability Included
  • Breach Response Costs Inside Limits
  • Coverage for Loss in Profits as a Result of Negative Press or Customer Notification Resulting from a Data Breach is Available
  • Coverage for Voluntary Customer Notification costs is included
  • Network Asset Protection’s coverage includes accidental damage or destruction, administrative and operational mistakes as well as computer crimes and attacks is available
  • Worldwide coverage – claims can be brought outside of the U.S. is available
  • Commercial & Corporate and Personal Employee Confidential information is covered
  • Acts committed by rogue employees are covered as well as privacy claims from employees
  • Multimedia coverage includes liability assumed under contract
  • Extended Reporting Period available up to 3 years